Who We Are & What We Do

The DGV Team

Mary Haynes

The Business brain

Hey y’all! I’m Mary, the business brain behind this whole thing. I was in direct sales for 4 years and grew a million dollar team in about half that time almost completely on Facebook.  I LOVE direct sales and the flexibility if offers to run a business without leaving your house.  The virtual world isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you haven’t jumped in yet, I encourage you to poke around the site and get your learnin’ on.  Our goal at Dog Gone Virtual is to help direct sellers streamline their time by offering affordable products that will allow you to get back to business and stop spinning your wheels on things that aren’t income producing.  Equipping direct sellers to ROCK their business in an increasingly virtual world is our mission and our joy, and what I love most about Dog Gone Virtual.  Let us know how we can help YOU!

Makayla Haynes

The Creative One

Hey there! I’m Makayla. I’m Mary’s daughter and I have a passion for creating – everything from drawing to painting to digital design to scrapbooking. I’ve helped my mom in her business for the last 4 years with ALL THE BUSINESS THINGS, from putting together host packets to stamping catalogs to testing products.  I loved helping her create digital content for her social media channels and Facebook parties.  Now I’m here to help YOU! Creating fun, engaging images and printables are my jam. Check out our shop to see what we’ve come up with so far. And don’t worry! We’ve got A LOT more in the pipeline, so check back often!

Max Haynes

The Mascot

Hi, I’m Max. My mom and sister are two of my FAVORITE humans. My favorite pastimes include snoring in mom’s lap while she tries to work, chasing ducks in the pond out back, and generally trying to distract my family from all things aside from belly rubs.  I’m the mascot for this business, because well, I’m adorable.  They couldn’t think of anyone or anything cuter than me to be front and center. So here I am, in all my canine glory, living it up and making a name for myself in the virtual world. I hope you stick around and grab a seat. I’m due for a good belly scratch.

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If you’re over on Facebook or Pinterest and want to grab a cup of coffee and hang out, come on over. We would love to see you!

Prefer email? Shoot us a message at [email protected].  We’re actual humans, well except for Max, and we do read them.