5 Ways To Get Bookings When You Don’t Have Any


If you’re reading this article you have probably found yourself in that spot that no one in direct sales wants to be in. You’re staring at an empty calendar. No parties. No events. No events. Just blank white space. Somehow you ran out of business have no idea how to get it started again. The panic starts to set in, and the negative voices rear their ugly heads. Friend, I’ve been where you are, and I’ve coached other people who have been there, too. I’m going to walk you through 5 things that you can do NOW to get your calendar back in shape.

Before we get started, you need to do 2 things. 3 actually. First, take a breath. Don’t be like this guy. You can totally whip your calendar back into shape with a little focused effort.

Next, set a goal. When I was active in direct sales, I always looked at my calendar for 30 days at a time. Take a peek at your calendar between today and 30 days from now. How many bookings/income-producing events are on there for the next 30 days? How many do you want to be on there? How many do you need to make up the difference?

Side note – Just in case you’re wondering why I’m focusing on only the next 30 days…Your parties in the next 30 days are going to feed your business for 60 days, 90 days and beyond. Ever heard of the 90 day rule? This is it. Everything you do (or don’t do) today will affect your business 30, 60 and 90 days from now. So we need to focus on the near future, and for this exercise, it’s the next 30 days. K?

Once you know how many bookings you want for your business, find someone to hold you accountable. This could be your spouse, upline, or friend in the business. This is someone who will not let you off the hook when you want to give up. This is someone who will keep checking on you to see how that booking goal is taking shape.

As soon as you have your bookings goal and your business bestie, then we can go get some bookings. Ready?


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Your first task is to do some follow-up. Yeah, you read that right. The proverbial “they” always say “The fortune is in the follow-up.” And “they” speak the truth! Follow-up is critical to your long term direct sales success. We’re going to tackle follow-up in a few different areas.

The first area is anyone, and I do mean anyone, that has ever expressed an interest in hosting a party, and for some reason or another, they didn’t make it on your calendar. Even if you totally dropped the ball and forgot to follow up with that one person 6 months ago. Anyone but me ever done that? We’re gonna correct that mistake now. So first up, create a list of people that were interested in booking a party in the past.

Next, make a list of people that have purchased anything from you in the last 2-3 months. You need to check and see if they love their products anyway, right? If they’re loving their products, why not offer them the opportunity to get more of them for free?

Last, if you’ve been in your direct sales business for a bit, make a list of anyone who hosted a party with you 6+ months ago. It’s about time for them to get some more freebies! And if I know direct sales, you have a new catalog since the last time they hosted. Don’t you think they would like to see the new stuff?


Party swaps are an out of the box way you can book a party pretty quickly. Do you know another direct sales consultant that sells a product that you use? Do you have a relationship with them? (No spamming other random direct sales people!) Have they ever purchased your product?

Why not offer to swap parties with them, so you can both stock up on a product you were going to buy anyway? It’s a win-win! Take a second and write down all of the other direct sales reps that you know and love. I bet you know more people than you think!


The direct sales industry is always changing. There are about as many party formats as there are consultants. If you haven’t done a Facebook party before, go ahead and give it a shot. If you want to learn how to use Sqweee for your virtual parties, go for it! Ever heard of partying on Instagram? Yep. It’s a thing.

It’s been my experience that hosts love to be a guinea pig and give you feedback on new party formats. So don’t be afraid to jump in with something new and offer that to those friends, family, and customers that love a little adventure! If you need help getting started with Facebook parties, you can grab a free Facebook Party Planner in our Direct Sellers Toolbox.


Vendor events are my favorite way to get outside my current party circle and warm market! I’ve gotten some of my best parties and long term customers from these. Vendor events could be anything from a church fair, local holiday shopping event, craft fair, or a school carnival. The possibilities are endless on this one!

If you aren’t familiar with vendor events and how they work, it’s pretty simple. Just like any other traditional store or service provider, you register for the event through the event coordinator. At the event, you set up a table, bring some products, and talk to people.

To find local events, check with your Chamber of Commerce to see what’s happening in your area. Don’t stop at your neck of the woods, either. Check surrounding cities as well! You can also find events by joining local community groups on Facebook or polling your direct sales friends.

This task takes a little legwork, but the payoff can be HUGE! When I started my direct sales business, I knew long term success meant I needed to be in lots of different circles. My goal was 4 non-party events per year, spaced out by a few months, so I had time to do some follow up in between each event. This made a huge impact on my business long-term.


Who’s the best hostess that you know? It’s you, of course! If you have been in business for a while and need a bump in your schedule, hosting your own party is a great way to get people together and fill your calendar. A Mystery Host party is also an awesome way to show some love to your favorite customers and past hosts.

If you’ve never done a mystery host party, it’s pretty straight forward. You do a party using whatever party format you prefer. But instead of keeping all the freebies for yourself, you give away the host benefits to someone else. Most of the time I did a drawing that included entries for purchasing, booking a party, or bringing a friend. You can customize this however you want to! Once the party is all wrapped up, give away all the party benefits to one or several lucky hosts.

I’m gonna be real with you on this type of party. It doesn’t work well if you do it every month. People get bored, and unless it’s done right, you start to look desperate. It also doesn’t work if you aren’t a good hostess. You have to take the time to personally invite. send reminders, and follow up with party guests. You have to be the best hostess ever!


What do you do when someone doesn’t want to book a party? Shocker I know, but it does happen! And no, you aren’t a failure and it’s not personal. It will happen so be ready when it does.

Be prepared to offer a catalog, invite them to your customer group, or add them to your email list. A “no” right now does not mean a “no” forever. I have had so many people that didn’t want to book a party because it just wasn’t the best time for them. These same people came back later to book a party, because I kept them in my Facebook community and continued to provide them with good customer service.

I hit you with a lot of ideas to help get your creative juices flowing and get all that white space filled in on your calendar. Instead of running in circles trying to figure out how to do all of these ideas at once, choose one or two, and work those first. Then come back and do some more. Track your results to see what’s working and what’s not. Above all, do not give up! Keep going until you hit that goal number that you were aiming for.

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