How To Book More Parties In Direct Sales


It’s the age-old question and the one I hear the most – how do I book more parties? How do I keep my calendar full? What can I do to make sure that I’m not staring at an empty calendar every few months?

Bookings are a large part of the “hustle” in direct sales. You need them to sell stuff. You also need them to continue to build a strong customer base. And there doesn’t have to be an every quarter hustle to fill your calendar back up. Once you nail down a few key areas, you will find that you have a self-sustaining calendar and booking parties starts to become almost automatic. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Let me clarify. I’m not saying you don’t have to work for them. You still have to do some things but if you focus on these 4 tips, I can almost guarantee that your calendar will stay in shape!

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I realize some of you may be too young to remember tapes. Tapes are those things that we used to shove into our boom boxes to listen to the latest boy band to hit the music scene. Then we had to hit the rewind button (GASP!) to listen to the song over and over and over again. And heaven forbid that time when you desperately wanted to listen to a song but you forgot to rewind the tape the last time you listened. We would listen to those songs so many times that we knew the lyrics by heart. We could sing them in the shower, on the way to school, with our besties on the playground. Oh and the other 458 times a day silently in our heads.


The same thing happens when we talk to ourselves about booking parties. We’re at a home party, staring at Facebook for a virtual party, or chatting with a friend at a soccer game.

And the tape starts automatically playing.

  • “She’s so busy. I know she wouldn’t want to have a party.”
  • “Summer is sooooo hard because everyone is traveling.”
  • “Fall is so busy with the holidays. No one will want to host a party with me.”
  • “I know she would never have a party because (insert any of the 1,067 reasons you can come up with here)”

Ever heard yourself say things like this in your head? Trust me friend. You’re not alone.

Most people talk themselves out of offering the opportunity to host because this nonsense starts playing in their head, just like that boy band from the 80’s. It plays over and over and over again until we know the lyrics by heart and don’t even think much about it. It just starts automatically and the worst part is that we believe it. 

Time to change the tape. Time to put another song in there, because this one probably isn’t working for ya. Am I right? The next time you hear yourself saying something like that, STOP. Just STOP. 

Focus on what you know to be true about the person, season, or situation you’ve got rolling around in your head. Everyone isn’t traveling over the summer. Everyone isn’t too busy to book a party. Fall isn’t busy for everyone. We tend to throw around words like always, never, and everyone to talk ourselves out of even asking. In reality, we have no idea what the other person is thinking or what’s going on in their schedule.



Once you change the tape, let’s make sure you share the value. Ask yourself a few things –

  • What is the value of my company’s host program?
  • What can my host earn just by booking a party?
  • What extra goodness do I offer at my parties?

If you don’t know the answer, grab a cup of coffee and ponder that for a minute.

One of my favorite parts of my direct sales business was after my host and I had put together her order, and I was ready to hit submit. I would ask her “Do you want to know how much you saved??” Even when we were chatting via text or messenger, you could hear the excitement. “YEEESSSS!!” was usually the response. Then I would share with her how much money she had saved just by getting a few friends together.

Most of the time, if my host worked the host rewards program right, she would save more than I made in commissions. Y’all, that’s a huge amount of value! Are you sharing during your parties what people can save by hosting?

You also want to ask yourself what extra goodness, or value, you’re offering during the party. This one isn’t monetary, but it sure counts! Are you offering tips related to your product? What about alternate ways to use them? Is there some educational info mixed in that will keep people coming back for more? Is your party so much fun that they can’t wait do it again? Don’t underestimate the value of entertaining and educating your guests! This goes a long way to keeping your calendar full and overflowing.



Aside from changing the tape and showing the value, another way to book more parties is by focusing on others. Remember that rule your mom drilled into your head when you were little? Treat others the way that you want to be treated? Yeah, I had those same discussions as a kid.

This applies to your direct sales business as well. If you see me purchasing a higher-priced item that you know will be 60% off next month if I book a party, doggone it! You better be telling me about it! Don’t assume that guest wants to pay full price. Don’t assume your customer is too busy. I’m never too busy to save on something that I was going to purchase anyway.

Here’s the bottom line. It’s not pushy, spammy or whatever you’ve got playing on that tape in your head to inform people that they can save money on your product. That’s just good customer service! Pay attention to the upcoming specials with your company and pay attention to what people are eyeballing or purchasing. “I noticed you were checking out the XYZ. Did you know you can snag that at 60% off next month when you get some friends together for a party?” I am never offended when someone hands me a big ole coupon for saving money on something I have in my cart. So just ask.


I know this one might sound silly, but if I’m gonna be honest, this is the biggest problem I see with direct sellers not having bookings. They aren’t asking. Plain and simple. They don’t ask, so they don’t get. Friend, if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

One day this point was driven home by one of my kiddos. Our homeschooling day was all done, and I had sent them outside to blow off some steam while I cleaned up from lunch. I was cleaning the kitchen and my #3 came walking in. He was around 8 at the time. He asked if they could come in and start their computer time. Normally, I would make them stay out a little longer, but I caved and gave him the go-ahead.

Before he ran back out to tell the rest of the crew, something made me ask him “Why did you ask? How did you get picked to be the one to come in?” He replied “Well, the other kids were scared to ask because they thought you would say no. So I decided to do it because if I didn’t ask, the answer was for sure going to be no. Isn’t that what you tell your team?” I hugged him and said “Yeah, buddy. That’s exactly what I tell my team.”

My little guy had heard my side of lots of coaching and training calls. I had no idea he was listening, but that didn’t matter. He took to heart the “Just Ask” mentality. It gave him the tenacity to just try. And it worked. When’s the last time that you just asked?

Consistently booking parties and keeping a full calendar in your direct sales business doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take some intentional effort. Getting that inner voice in check, solidifying the value, focusing on others and just asking can take your calendar from just okay to bursting at the seams. Go ahead and give it a shot!

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