Simple Steps To Improving Your Ask and Getting To YES!


Wondering Why You Can’t Book a Party? Change Your Messaging & Get a YES!

The direct sales business isn’t an easy one. It’s okay to admit you’re struggling and need help, it’s the only way you’re going to improve and consistently build your business. One thing I have heard a lot lately is direct sellers struggling to fill their calendars with bookings. I’ve heard “Well, I have emailed approximately a bazillion people and keep hearing no, what am I doing wrong?” from multiple coaching clients recently, which is why I think this is SUCH an important topic to dive into.

Here’s the deal. Bookings are the lifeline of your busines when it comes to the traditional direct sales business model. That is no secret!

Bookings lead to quick wins, they plump up your commission checks, they propel your business forward, and fuel new conversations to help you grow your team. The bottom line is you can’t have a successful direct sales business without bookings, y’all.

So, if you don’t have them, that’s a problem. And it’s a problem we need to fix. But you notice that WE? You do not have to go at it alone! This blog is filled with a bunch of juicy tips to help you rethink your booking ask and tweak it to resonate better with your potential hostesses. You can also check out our blog about improving the ask. Between these two posts you’ll be ready to fill up that calendar and get rid of that blank space staring back at you. Promise!

Change Your Mindset First

One of the things I hear most from those who are struggling to get bookings is that they think they need to build a stronger relationship with the person they’re asking, they need to take more time. Y’all that is a myth. You do not need to be besties with your hostesses before you ask them to host. Half the time, that strong hostess relationship is built after a couple parties together!

If you are doing your parties with other hostesses well, that means that you are building relationships with their guests. You’re providing them with value, you’re entertaining them, you’re sharing a lil’ bit about yourself and your family with them so they can relate to you. You’re doing the dang thing by being in there and subconsciously building relationships!

So, while you may not think your relationship with that potential hostess is strong enough. Banish the thought, and just put the ask out there.

They’ve had a great time at the most recent party with you, they’ve gotten to know you, they’ve gotten to know the product, they’ve made a purchase – the next logical step is for them to host their own party and get some free goodies they’ll love, right?!

If they say no or say I’m not ready or whatever they may say that isn’t a yes – it is OK – move them into your customer group or business page. Their no likely isn’t based upon the fact they don’t know you well enough, it’s because it’s just not the time for them.

So what you do then is you want to encourage them to like your Facebook business page or join your customer group (especially the customer group!).

If you’re consistently lovin’ on your business page or customer group, they will then continue to build that know, like, and trust and you’ll eventually get into that booking! Don’t be afraid to ask, and don’t be afraid of the no – that mindset is likely what trips you up before you even get started.

Once you master this, here are a few more tips for how you can perfect your party booking asks.

Decide What You Want to Offer

Please do not offer 17 different things at one party. You have to decide what you’re offering in a party, what you’re excited about right now, what you think your potential hostess will be excited about.

Is it a fun new theme you dreamed up? Maybe it’s a new release party for a brand spankin’ new collection you’re obsessed with?

Whatever it is, be clear about what you’re offering in this party opportunity for the hostess, which leads to our next point…

Keep it Personal

I’m going to tell you guys, I have gotten a heck of a lot of spammy party messages recently. From people I don’t even know. People who I have never met, who couldn’t pick me out of a crowd if they were going to win a million bucks.

I’m gonna get a lil’ bit sassy with this one so don’t take offense…

Do not spam people with booking messages!

Once you decide what you’re going to offer your hostesses in the next few months, think about who comes to mind and base your asks off of those people and relationships. Do not send the same exact generic message to 476 people and expect a response.

Keeping it personal implies there’s a relationship. Maybe newly formed relationship from a recent party, but still a relationship – not a shot in the dark because someone passed along an email to you.

Remember if you’ve never had any contact with this person, you have no idea how you met them, how you got to know them – that is just spammy.

Don’t do it.

It’s not effective and gives direct sellers a bad name.

When I get these messages, I keep the sass at bay, and I do try to be gracious point them in the right direction. I know direct sales is a hard business. But there are better ways to go about making bookings.

Think about why are you offering this thing to this person, what made you think of them?

For example, if you’ve decided that you’re going to feature parties showing customers how to use the new cooking line to meal prep 10 meals, and you had a conversation with Sally Sue at your last party about how much she loved meal prep – ask her to book a party!

It can be tricky in the beginning to remember what people like and use that to your advantage, but what I used to do after party was go in and take those juicy lil’ nuggets I learned about people and kept a notebook to help me remember. After a few parties, you’ll start to remember people and what they love, which will make it a bit easier.

If you think of someone you haven’t chatted with in a while, just warm ‘em up a little bit first, don’t just not ask. Go comment on their photos of their kids, chat with them on their personal page. Then, say you just got a whole line of new crafting things and you know how much she liked to make custom cards for people, so ask her to hostess.

See? Think about others, the value they’re going to get from the party, and personalize your ask!

Always End with a Question

If you end your ask with a question, it opens the door for conversation.

If you just say, “lemme know!”, that is a dead end to a conversation, it isn’t how you get a response.

Consider closing questions like:

“Hey, what do you think?”

“Would you be interested?”

Let’s run through another example here.

You have an acquaintance from a party a few months ago who told you she loves holiday baking.

Reach out to her and say, “I know you love to bake  especially around the holidays, so I was wondering if you may want to get some friends together online so we can get you some freebies for your kitchen just in time for holiday baking?”.

Start thinking about your ask from a relationship-centered place. When you come at it from a place of value, from a place of service, you’ll have better results.

Short & Sweet Messages Only

When you send a novel, they’re not going to read it. These ladies you are asking to hostess are usually crazy busy themselves and they only have enough time to skim and answer the important stuff.

I know that I receive a book of an email, I typically read the beginning and end and skip the middle. A lot of the time the ask is in the middle. So, for more effective messages, keep it short, sweet and personal and you may hear some more yes’s!

Ready to Try Your Ask Again?

If you’ve gotten a few no responses in a row now, don’t ever let that get you down. Take these tips and implement them, and I promise you you’ll start getting some more positive responses.

Let’s recap:

Make it Personal

Ask a Question

Keep it Short

Focus on Your Offer

Do these things and you’ll be building a real business, not filling calendars with Spammy McSpammer messages just to make a few bucks. If you want some support and tips from like-minded ladies trying to navigate the booking ask too, join our Premium Group Coaching group and get ready for some great ideas and inspiration to blossom!

If you loved these tips, make sure you check out our digital guide for mastering the 4 key areas of your direct sales business. Learn proven methods to book more parties, host coach like a champ, sell more products, and build a bigger team. 

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