5 Secrets to Booking More Parties In Your Direct Sales Business

Mar 3, 2021Bookings

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As you look forward to this new year and a new beginning, what do you want for your business? For most direct sellers, new bookings and lots more parties are usually at the top of the priority list. So what do you do when you look at your calendar for the new year and see all that pesky white space, realizing you may have slacked off a lil’ bit too much towards the end of the year? If you’re experiencing this right now, I first want to say don’t worry, and you’re not alone! We’re gonna help you fix it and fill up that white space in no time, promise. 

When I was in direct sales, I was booked out 6-8 weeks with 5-6 parties a week. That was my goal. It was just how I rolled. Now, that may be too much for you, or it may not be enough for you—and that is okay! But no matter your direct sales party booking goals, there are five tried and true secrets I used for booking parties as a direct seller. 

And it’s your lucky day because I’m going to share these super-duper secrets with you… ready to dig in!


I did a quick poll on Facebook a few weeks ago asking Dog Gone Virtual friends and followers what their biggest struggle was when booking more parties for their direct sales business.

The response was overwhelmingly one thing…


Now, as a direct seller, you’re an entrepreneur responsible for your success. We all went into this business knowing that nothing would be handed to us, and we would have to work for every penny of those commissions. But we’re also mommas, wives, friends, sisters, side-hustlers still at full-time jobs. Balancing all the things can be SO incredibly difficult. But balancing all the things and remaining consistent is how you’re going to see that significant wild growth you got into this business for in the first place.

So be consistent, friends. I know it’s not as easy as reading it here and implementing it, but take baby steps, start with bite-sized pieces, and set achievable goals. Because the #1 way you’re going to succeed as a direct seller is consistency, I can’t say this enough.

Set time aside weekly and daily to peek at your calendar and reach out to potential hostesses. Do not just send an email when you realize your calendar is bare. Being proactive and consistent is what is going to keep that calendar full all year long. The number one way, hands down.

Think about it. You don’t lose 10 pounds after one workout. You don’t become a master pianist after one lesson. The key to success in anything is that consistency.

Start small. Don’t set goals too high because you’ll fall off that wagon pretty dang quickly. Start with 5 mins when you wake up and slowly increase as you master the art of consistency.

Challenge yourself this year to be consistent.

The hard truth is: your upline and I can’t fix your problem with consistency. YOU are the one who has to fix it and manage priorities in your life to make things happen. I know you can do it.


Next up is relationship building. I’ve seen way too many direct sellers hiding behind that screen. Your business is not a crockpot. You can’t just schedule some stuff and walk away for hours or days at a time. Would it be nice if it worked that way? Absolutely. Does it work that way? Heck no!

You need to engage with your parties in a virtual world, and while building relationships virtually may feel awkward at first, it’s not. Think about it like you’re sitting across from a new partygoer in person. What would you ask them? Ask the same questions via comments in your virtual party. Simple as that. If you see someone responding to comments that you don’t know, introduce yourself, and ask about them!

You cannot set the posts and let them run without engaging.

Ask the questions, prompt the discussions, and show that pretty face of yours with some Facebook live party fun!

The best part about virtual parties is you can build relationships from anywhere. And let’s be honest, we own a business so we can work where and when we want to. So, capitalize on that. Keep it real, be you, ask questions, and engage. The relationships will come just as they would if you were meeting in person!


Improving your ask is critical and asking someone to host a party isn’t as difficult as many people make it out to be—I promise. Many people tend to get awkward because they don’t like asking people for things, but remember, friends, you got into this business to sell things, so be personable and get out there.

I like to use a simple three-step process to create my party ask, and it’s a process that’ll work for anyone.

  1. What are you excited about in your business?
  2. Why did you think of them? What about that thing that excites you made them pop up in your mind?
  3. Ask the dang question!

See? Simple as 1, 2, 3—literally.

A quick message like:

Hey Susie—we just launched a new line of [x,y,z], and I thought of you because I know you said your daughter loves [a,b,c] at [so and so’s] party! Wondering if you would like to host a party in March to get you ladies some free products from the new line to share? 

Nothing crazy. Short, sweet, and to the point. It also shows you cared and listened last time you saw each other (virtually or in-person), which helps the relationship-building aspect as well.

Keep it friendly, keep it light, and avoid the mile-long word vomit messages we know we’ve all sent at some point in our career, and you’ll see those bookings fill up fast.


It’s sometimes hard to look at what we’re offering during our party experience from the outside. Being self-critical is hard. But it’s also necessary to take it to the next level! So ask yourself this… would you want to come to your party? Would you want to bring your friends to your party?

Be honest. Don’t sugar coat it. Be real with yourself, and if you sometimes think your parties maybe a lil’ bit like watching paint dry, think about how you can mix it up to make it fun.

We got into this business to have fun, right!? So make it happen! You also want to share with people how your product or service is going to change their life.

Fun + Value = Successful Direct Sales Parties

So how can you make showing value fun?

Do a little DIY crafting sesh on Facebook live. Demo your favorite time hacks made possible by the product. Share a virtual cooking class where they can use their new goodies. Do a little bingo and offer freebies—freebies automatically make things fun. Show your face on a live and infuse that big, bold personality of yours without holding back!


If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you know how passionate I am about host coaching. Why? Because it works, friends. Successful host coaching is the single most important tool to growing your direct sales business and making more bookings. So, it is time to streamline the heck outta your host coaching.

Your hostesses are your number one business referral tool. If you’ve done your job, educated your hostess, gotten her some free stuff while having fun, and overall, just made the experience seamless for her, your hostesses are going to refer you to their friends and be your champion.

Don’t make it complicated to host a virtual party. It’s a party on Facebook. It’s not rocket science or life or death, so have some dang fun with it!  Hold your hostesses’ hand, and you’ll see those results in bookings sooner rather than later. If someone asks if she knows a Pampered Chef or Stampin’ Up consultant, she will always recommend you and sing your praises if your host coaching was successful.

Let’s Go Book Some Parties, Friends.

Alright, do you feel prepared to rid your calendar of that white space?! I know you can do it.

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