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Mar 24, 2021Bookings

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Ever wonder what the number one key to success as a direct seller is? 

A full calendar, friends. When you’re in a party-based business like direct sales, the amount of white space on your calendar directly correlates with how much money is in your pocket. 

And sometimes it ebbs and flows. 

Raise your hand if you’ve gone through a phase where you are on a serious roll, but then you look up to breathe and realize, “Shoot, I ran out of bookings.” We’ve all been there! Then you fall down the binge-booking rabbit hole and drive yourself mad trying to fill up your calendar in a pinch. 

This is a stressful way to run a business, y’all. 

In the corporate world, you have people looking at pipelines and forecasts to avoid this type of reaction. But in direct sales, you are it. You are the CEO, the finance director, the sales director—you do it all. And ultimately, it’s your job to manage your party bookings like the business they are so you can continue to do what you love long term!

So, while this may sound like it’s super tricky, I promise you it’s really not. All you need is some solid strategies and the right mindset. Let’s dig into how you can adapt to make sure your booking systems keep that calendar full.

Check Your Habits

This is a biggie, y’all. So many of us direct sellers trick our brains into thinking we don’t have a system. In reality, we’ve done the work to build the systems, but our habits aren’t supporting them. 

What is a system? 

It’s just a list of steps. We tend to overthink what a system actually is. It is just a process that we repeatedly follow to get done what we need to get done or get to where we want to go. It’s important to recognize that you have the steps prepared for your system, but your habits are throwing you off, and you’re just not following through. 

Habit leads to us either implementing our systems or letting them fall to the wayside. So really take a look at your habits to see if they’re serving you or hurting you. Adapt as needed!

Realize There is No Magic Trick

A booking system or booking strategy is not just one post. It is a whole system that works together to book parties consistently. There is no one magic post you can share to fill up your calendar with the click of a button. It doesn’t work that way! The sooner you accept that and realize that posts are just one step of your booking system, the sooner you’ll see that calendar fill up. 

So, the next steps are critical to keeping that calendar full! 

Reach Out to Every Single Guest

People who have full calendars have simply asked more people than you. Think about that. Those super-successful direct sellers aren’t more successful because of luck; they’re successful because they worked hard for it and asked literally everyone and anyone they knew to book a party—and that includes every single guest, regardless of how well you know them.

Direct sales is a relationship-based business. So, spend your parties working on building those relationships! This way, when party guests see your name pop up, they’ll answer. This leads to the next tip…

Pick a Booking Day

I’ve got a hard truth for y’all. When the party ends, your audience is gone! They’re on to the next thing. That’s why this weekly practice is so important to get those bookings on your calendar. 

When I was in the business, I would run multi-day parties that ended on Friday. This meant that every single Thursday was my “booking day.” I would buckle down and reach out to every guest of every party I was running that week. 

So, choose one follow-up day a week, stick to it and make it happen! If you aren’t consistent with your asks, you will not have a consistently booked calendar. 

Tracking is Key 

How do you know what’s been successful if you don’t track it? 

  • Who did you ask?
  • Who said yes, who said no?
  • Who do you get a “not right now” from that requires a follow-up in a few months?

If you’re tracking these things and not getting the number of bookings you want, you can look at your tracking to determine why. 

I found that when you had a friendly group, you could usually gain a booking from every 1 out of 6 asks. For a cold party with a lot of new faces, maybe 1 out of 12. Once you start tracking, you’ll be able to see what’s working, what’s not and realize when you need to take a quick pause to look at your ask or strategy.

Rebook Your Hostesses

If you’ve done a solid host coaching job, why wouldn’t your hostess want to do another party and get more free stuff, y’all? You’ve spent so much time building that relationship. Do not let them book one party and walk away, never to return! 

Think about it this way. When you go to the dentist, as you leave, you let them book you for your next six-month appointment with zero ideas of what you’ll have going on that day. But because it’s on your calendar, and they put it there so far in advance, you’ll stick to it! Right?

Do this with your parties! After you wrap up one, in your hostess follow-up, mention that you’d love to get a party on the calendar in a few months so you can share what’s new that season. 

If they object, say something like, “Well, let’s pencil it in, and we can confirm the date when it gets closer. Sound good?” Nine times out of ten, they’ll stick with the date, and you’ll have a party booked with them quarterly.

Keep Consistent & Fill That Calendar, Friends

When your calendar is booked out, there is so much less stress y’all! If you turn the above mindsets and strategies into habits, I promise you’ll get booked up in no time.

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