I hear it all the time. Struggle numero uno for direct sellers is bookings.

How can I get more bookings? How do I find people to host a party? Who do I ask? Where do I start? Sound familiar?

As a direct seller, the lifeblood of your business is your calendar.  But filling it and keeping it full doesn’t have to be hard, I promise!

When you’re getting started with your direct sales business, there are a few roadblocks you have to overcome. And the biggest one is your mindset. Dum. Dum. Dum. 

Listen, friend, you can’t be afraid to go for the ask. I understand you might be afraid of being pushy, spammy, or some other word you have floating around in your head. But with time, practice, and some work on your ask. I pinky promise that you can get a full calendar and a booming business.

This section of our blog is dedicated to all things related to bookings. (Insert happy dance!) We’ve got juicy ideas on how to get a little creative, tips on how to improve your ask, Facebook party booking tips, and even some free printables that will help you grow your direct sales business, one party at a time.

Bookings Tips and Tricks

Free 25 Booking Ideas Printable