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Oh, the summer business slump. It’s a term a lot of direct sellers dread. But I’m going to let y’all in on a little secret… I don’t think there has to be a summer slump. In fact, when I was a direct seller, the summer months were some of my most profitable months in the entire year. No joke! The key to avoiding that “summer slump” and having a stellar summer is planning ahead. It’s time to start now, in the spring, rather than blinking, looking up, and realizing it’s July and you’ve hit the slump without meaning to.  

NOW is the time to start, friends! Let’s make sure you don’t get stuck in the mud. The reason most of us got into direct sales is the balance it provides our families, right? It gives us the ability to spend the day splashing with our kiddos in the pool or building sandcastles at the beach while also making money; let’s be real here. But that’s not just going to happen. You have to plan and strategize and do the work to ensure that you’ve earned those days off, just as you would in a “typical” job. You don’t make money unless you work for it, so while you’re the boss and you can take time off when and how you’d like, you do want to do the work, so you’re not scrambling for your business and stressed in the end.  

A lack of planning is the reason most have a summer slump. So, how do you plan, so you avoid that slump while living your very best fulfilled life all summer long? Let’s dig into my top tips:

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Plan Around Your Travel

Summer is a time when we are all a little freer from the day-to-day obligations, the after-school activities, and the seemingly never-ending chores, right? So, most of us tend to use that time to get out of the house, get on the road and enjoy time with family. And honestly, when you’re spending time traveling and enjoying that time to reconnect with your families, do you want to be check-in on parties from your phone? I know I didn’t! 

I know a lot of direct sellers feel guilty logging off. They feel like, to be successful, they have to be on all the time. But part of success is being rested and fulfilled enough outside of work. Make sense? 

So, I’m giving you permission as a business owner to LOG OFF. 

When I was in the field, I traveled for a month at a time during the summer. But that didn’t mean I didn’t prepare my business. I pre-planned and scheduled my Facebook posts, and I stacked parties before and after the trip to make up for that time I was “losing” on the road. Ya know what? I never had a summer slump. 

Those parties stacked before and after my trip made up for the time I was away. If you plan around your travel, you’re making sure your trip doesn’t cause you to lose money or momentum while still disconnecting and enjoying time away.

Change Up What You’re Offering

What do you think of when you think of summer? Fun, warmth, sand and sun, tasty cold treats, all the summery things, right? Think about these things and infuse them into what you’re offering over the summer. Maybe do shorter parties and theme every party with a fun summer vibe or bulk up your content to cover DIYs or how-tos that touch upon summer fun. 

If you do this, you’ll stay relevant during the season. 

Most of us have a different mentality in the summer than the rest of the year. We want “obligations” to be quick, fun, and easy, so make sure your summer parties embrace that while still giving them all the goodies.

Maybe you’re talking about planner inserts, talk about penciling in travel and vacations. Maybe you have a DIY or decor business, talk about summer fun crafts and décor updates for the season; if you’re a foodie business, talk about cookouts and cold treats! 

Pepper these fun summer things throughout your VIP groups, your business page, your YouTube channel, really whatever you’re putting out into the wild world of the internet for your business. This is what’s going to attract people to shop during the summer. And y’all, people are still shopping in the summer. If anything, they’re a little more relaxed and spending a little more freely! Anyone else with me there?!

Stay in Touch

It’s easy to fall out of touch with your clients when life gets busy. For the months of summer fun, it’s so important to have a plan to keep in contact with your hostesses! They get excited about graduations and summer pool days, too, and might flake or postpone their party. But, if you get them equally as excited about that party, they’re way less likely to flake.

Send them fun summer samples they can use by the pool, send a pre-party poll to them and their attendees asking what they’re most excited about this summer so you can cater the party content to them. Ask what they’re planning, what they’re cooking, what their goals are for the summer. Listen to what they have to say, and you’ll get exactly what you need to plan a party no one will want to miss.


Typically, we have fewer responsibilities in the summer, so you probably have a little bit of extra time, right? So, use that time to relax, but also overbook yourself with parties! If you have the time and use it to benefit your business, you’ll have huge momentum running into the fall, and it’ll also make up for the people who flake or last-minute schedule vacations. This will ensure you have a strong June, July, and August, but also a strong fall—remember that 30-60-90 rule, y’all! 

You don’t want to look up in September and realize that the kids are back in school with activities left and right, but you have to binge book parties because you have nothing on the calendar! Hosting more parties in the summer will get you in front of new friends all summer long that could become fall hostesses.

Treat Your Business Like a Business

This one may come off a little sassy, but it is so important, y’all. 

Your direct sales business is a business. 

It’s not a hobby or a side-hustle or a passion project, it could be all those things too, but first and foremost, it is a business. And you are the CEO. You get to choose whether you work over the summer or not. But if you’re not going to work, you do have to prepare regardless. Think about it, if this were a corporate job and you were the CEO, how would you be talking to yourself as an employee based upon your summer actions? Would you be getting a mark on your file? Would you require some talking to? Treat your business like a business. If you don’t do the business things over the summer, it’s not going to give you the business benefits like income, growth, and all those other things you wanted to do this for in the first place. Show up! Otherwise, you won’t be rewarded. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to get bogged down, but it does mean you have to do some strategic planning before to prepare! You got this, friend.

Summer Will Be Whatever You Make It

The spring flies by, friends. We all know that summer will be here before we know it. So, start planning NOW, because summer will be whatever you make it. If you don’t plan now, you may very well experience that dreaded summer slump. But with a bit of thought and hard work in the present, you can enjoy your life and your business all summer long. I have faith in you, friends! 

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