What is Happy Mail and How to Use it in Your Business

Sep 28, 2020Direct Sales Tips and Tricks

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Remember as a kid when you used to get birthday cards with a $20 bill from Grandma, that level of excitement you felt? Adults can feel that too, ladies! Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt that spark of joy when you get something unexpected in the mail. The butterflies that swirl around in your stomach when you get to finally open something fun, something other than a bill or another dreaded credit card promo. That is happy mail, my friends. Happy mail can be anything that brings a smile to your face, and not only is it fun to receive, but it’s also a great business tool. 

Happy mail is one of my most favorite things, so much so that I continued sending it as I transitioned from direct sales to Dog Gone Virtual, and mail day is still one of my favorite days of the month. But when I was in direct sales, happy mail was a tool I used to transform my business and have a lil’ fun while doing it. 

You see, there are two simple reasons why you send happy mail:

  • Build relationships
  • Solidify relationships 

The foundation of every business is relationships, so any gesture that can help you build relationships is a tool you want to have in your toolbox. It’s a part of your long-term sales strategy that needs to be a monthly practice! 

Now, let’s dig into the nitty-gritty of happy mail.


As I mentioned, there are two reasons to send happy mail. First up, happy mail to start building relationships. This one is for all the newcomers in your business, for example: 

New Customers

There’s nothing more special than surprising your newest customers with some fun, happy mail! After someone attends their first party, the best follow-up is a simple “thank you” card that will make them feel special and valued. 

New Hostesses

I’ve said it once (well, probably way more than once this is important, ladies), and I’ll say it again, hostesses are the lifeline to your direct sales business. You have to love on ’em! A new hostess could lead to so many new opportunities, whether it be new customers or even a new team member. I can’t tell you how many new team members I gained after they hosted a party and fell in love with the business and the products!

New Team Members

That being said, new team members deserve a little lovin’ too! Sending a cute note saying “Welcome, to the team!” can go so far to share encouragement and spark confidence right from the get-go.


Next up, happy mail to solidify relationships! Once you have a relationship base with someone, that doesn’t mean you can just coast; you still need to show a little love and appreciation from time to time! Happy mail to solidify relationships is best sent to:

Repeat Customers

Do you have those customers that consistently help you reach your sales goals, spending higher dollar amounts per order than most? Send them a thank you in the form of happy mail… appreciation goes a long way, friends!

Past Hostesses

Each month you need to be thanking those hostesses that helped you with parties that month. At the end of every month, I take an inventory of my hostesses, and I head over to Target to get little tokens of appreciation in the dollar section. I get them all in one trip, package them, and mail them out altogether on one day of the month. I call it “mail day” to streamline and simplify!


Now that you know who to send happy mail to, many ladies ask, “what kind of happy mail should I be sending?”. Ultimately, that’s totally up to you. But I can share some of my favorites and how I put together my happy mail! 


The easiest way to send out some happy mail is a simple postcard. This is perfect for new customers especially! Use an online design tool like Canva to design a postcard with your business branding, contact details, all the places they can find you (think Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). Then, get a bunch of them printed on an affordable site like Vistaprint, where you can easily upload your own design. This is a super affordable way to spread the love! 


Don’t have an address? Don’t let that stop you from sending something fun! E-cards are a super sweet touch that still spread just as much joy! Use sites like Smilebox or Paperless Post that have super cute and affordable designs.


If you want to go bigger than a postcard for a big customer or team member who is killing it, a lovely little package is a perfect choice. 

I have my package composition plan down to a science. Here are the steps: 

  1. Order colorful padded envelopes and fancy shredded paper off Amazon in bulk, so you always have some ready to go.
  2. Once a month, take inventory of how many hostesses you had that month and make a list, adding on any other special ladies to who you may want to send something to. 
  3. Head to Target. Well, it doesn’t have to be Target, but it’s my go-to. Their dollar section is the best, y’all.
  4. Go shopping! Buy all the things that you’re going to add to the package. 
  5. Head home, stuff, write a lil’ note and put a stamp on it.
  6. Then, it’s mail day! Ship ’em out! 

The little item I add depends on the season or fun things I find on my hunt in every package. Things everyone loves are fun socks, koozies for summertime, sticky notes in fun shapes, candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, candy canes for the holidays – you get the gist. Beyond Target, some great spots to try are Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, the local office supply store, or maybe Amazon. 

Just have fun with it! 


My wise husband said to me the other day that really stuck. He said, “You need to be in the business of building relationships and not just selling.” Don’t tell him I said he’s wise (we don’t want his head to grow bigger), but that was worthy of a share because it is so true. Be in the business of building relationships – it’s not always about the sale. If you’re in the business of building relationships, sales will come as long as you’re serving people first and putting customers, team members, etc., first, then the numbers will come. 

An excellent example of this is one year I sent all my ladies some super fun shamrock socks for St. Paddy’s Day. I woke up one day, and my whole feed was me being tagged in sock pics with a lil’ thank you shout-out from my ladies. Now, that wasn’t why I did it at all. I did it to show a little love and appreciation. But it did help showcase what it was like to work with me to all my friend’s friends. 

Build relationships, and sales will follow.


Are you up for a challenge? I want you to try our 30 days of thankfulness challenge. Download this calendar with a tip for someone to thank in your direct sales business each day for the next month. Send each person a little bit of happy mail. This is a practice you can do now, or any 30 day period; Thanksgiving is a great time because it gets you in front of everyone before the holiday rush. 

This challenge will get you in the mindset of sending happy mail, and it’ll become second nature soon enough. If y’all want more happy mail resources, check out our Happy Mail page that offers all sorts of fun seasonal cards you can customize and send to your clients. Let’s make some mailboxes happy, friends.

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