Why Spring is the Perfect Time for a Push Month in Your Direct Sales Business

Apr 10, 2021Direct Sales Tips and Tricks

If y’all have been hanging out with me for a minute, you’ve probably heard me mention how push months are a key tool in pushing your direct sales business forward. But what exactly is a push month, and why are they important? 

A push month is just a funny phrase for a month where you focus on one thing to really accelerate your business. 

It could be a week or two weeks; it’s all about your personal goals and preferences. For me, a month seems to be the sweet spot for building habits and seeing results.

Why is it important? 

Not every month is created equal, friends. So if you want to take time off during the summer or spend more time away from the computer during the holiday season, a push month is a great way to have that time away without making your business suffer. It could also be the best way to build momentum for a new project, build habits you’ve been struggling to stay consistent with, or testing out something new you want to perfect. 

Remember the 30-60-90 Rule

So, why is spring the perfect time for a push month? It’s time to take it back to the 30-60-90 rule.

The 30-60-90 rule is the concept that everything you do today for your business will affect it 30, 60, and 90 days down the road. So when you reach June and realize that you have nothing on the calendar, why is that? I betcha it’s because you didn’t do as many parties in April or May and didn’t book ahead. 

Whether positive or negative, every action you take will affect your business up to 90 days out.  

Y’all, most successful direct sellers plan ahead and keep an eye on their calendars.

I loved spring as a push month timeframe because I was ready to get after it, and it wasn’t as busy as summer with all the kiddos home and trips planned. If you do a push month now, you’ll have the time and space to work your business the way you want to in those summer months.

For example, I would always make sure I had extra parties on the calendar in the summer. Not because I wanted to work more, but because the reality of summer is that you’re going to hit a few more road bumps with family schedules that get in the way of parties. I would always have a few more hostesses flake or forget, and since people would always be distracted by fun summer things, parties weren’t as well attended. So, by having a few extra parties on the calendar, I had insurance that I’d still be ready to have a great month with a buffer for those inevitable summer situations. 

To prep for this, I’d do party booking push months. I’d host plenty of parties to get in front of plenty of people in March and April so that I could plan for summer.

If you do it now, you’ll have the freedom and success you want later. That’s the whole idea behind a push month and the 30-60-90 rule. 

What do you want to achieve this summer? Start now! Here are some ideas…

Ideas for Your Push Month

Now a push month doesn’t have to be all about booking parties like it was for me. It totally can be, but here are some other ideas aside from getting bookings that may spark something within you. 


Do you want to shift your business to focus on mentoring and building up others? Maybe recruitment and building your team should be your push month goal. Aim to reach out to 2 ladies a day to see if they’d be interested in discussing what your direct sales company can offer them.

Trying Something New

Whether you’ve wanted to dive into Pinterest or content creation for YouTube, or try creating TikTok demos, or start Zoom parties—a push month is a perfect time to try all these things. Practice makes perfect, so if you do something new consistently for a month, you’ll be able to work through the kinks, streamline, and get your skills down in no time.

Social Media Posts

If you’ve been struggling to show up on social media in your VIP group or business page, use a push month to start engaging again. Make a goal for yourself to post one time minimum per day. The momentum you can build by being consistent is huge!


I’ve heard it about a million times before, “I haven’t done follow-ups in months, oops.” If you’re feeling a lil’ bit guilty because you haven’t done customer care in a while, know you’re not alone, but also know that it doesn’t mean you have to stop forever! Set a goal of reaching out and catching up with five past customers per day and see what happens. That’s over 100 people by the end of the month, y’all! Imagine the impact that could have on your business.

Think about your goals and let that guide what your push month should be!

We Can Do Anything for 30 Days

Think about the power of doing something consistently for 30 days. Doing something consistently allows you to work on habits, understand what’s holding you back and push through it, test, tweak, and streamline all the processes that may not serve you.

Think about it. You’d jump at the opportunity to eat a donut every day for 30 days or agree to do a couple of pushups every day to get back in shape. We need to do this in our business too. Too often, we don’t say yes to doing the hard things because we’re scared. Just do it, y’all. You got this! After 30 days, you’ll start to feel more comfortable, and you’ll get in a groove and figure out what works. You have to push through the hard season to grow and excel! 

Need a little inspiration and motivation for your push month? Or some tough love and accountability? Check out our direct sales coaching opportunities, and you can hang out with me. We’ll make sure together your push month generates a huge impact for your business. 

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