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We’re getting dangerously close to the ending of our calendar year and this decade. It can be pretty intimidating to take a look at the calendar and all the things going on in December with holidays and year end and and and…Sometimes the overwhelm creeps in and even though you had an achievable goal just a couple of weeks ago, you feel like throwing in the towel. Friend, I’ve been there. Let me quickly walk you through the steps you need to take now to make sure you finish strong in 2019. 

Get Clear On Your Goal

If you haven’t already, get crystal clear on what your goal is for the last half of December. Check your math and check it twice. It’s super easy to make errors when you’re busy decorating Christmas cookies, finding last minute gifts, and trying to wrap up your business for the year. So be like Santa. Be extra diligent and make sure your math is accurate. Leave no questions on how what you need to hit your goal.

Do a calendar check

If you’ve been around me for a hot minute, you know I love me some calendar checks. Calendar checks are those periodic evaluations that you must do to make sure you’re on track to hit your goals, whatever they may be. How does your calendar compare with your goal? Are you short some parties or sales? Do you have enough activity on your calendar to get it done?

Decide you want it

You might be thinking “Well duh! Yes I want it or it wouldn’t be my goal?!” Here’s the deal. Sometimes we get all caught up in the holiday hustle and watching other people do crazy business stuff that our goals start morphing and change into something we never intended them to be. Or sometimes we say we have a goal but we’re kinda lukewarm about it because we don’t really think we can achieve it. So we just sorta throw it out there to “wait and see what happens.”

When you decide, like deep down in your bones, that you want something, you come at it from a completely different place and mindset. When you come from a place of “Oh yeah! I’m totally doing this! It’s happening. Just watch me!” the steps you need to take to hit the goal become very clear and almost easy. When we come from a place of “YES” and not “Eh I’m okay either way,” ideas start pouring out of us. Things just start falling into place almost like magic. We start crafting a plan to make it happen.

This is where you start getting really creative, because NEWS FLASH you don’t have to work your business the exact same way you’ve been working it. It’s December! You can do all sorts of crazy, creative business magic. Change up the length of your virtual parties. Do some fundraisers. Get creative on other ways to bring in sales.

Bring in Backup

Once you’re clear about the goal and decided that you’re making it happen, it’s time to call in some business besties. And I’m not just talking about one of them. I’m talking you need a few. These are the people that will keep you accountable. These are the besties that will be brutally honest even when it hurts. These people will harass you and push you until you get the goal done. They don’t have time for your excuses. They want to see some action! Bringing in business backup is also a great way to help you brainstorm. They aren’t in the weeds right now and can see things that you can’t.

Make a Plan

The last thing is to create your plan. If you’re short on sales or recruits or points for your company’s incentive trip, layout specific action steps that you will take every day until it’s done, even if it’s baby steps. Any movement towards your goal is still progress. Tell your business besties the plan. Carve out more time than you think you need each day, because it’s the holiday season and there are bound to be more distractions than normal.Monthly Goal Worksheet

Once you have the plan, work the plan. No matter what. Don’t stop until you hit the goal. It’s really not over until the fat ladies things and I don’t hear her singing just yet. If you need a little help working out the math, you can use our Monthly Goal Setting Worksheet in our Direct Sellers Toolbox to break it down.