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Being a primarily virtual consultant, I always had lots of questions about how to host coach for Facebook parties. Most people seem to think that there’s a magic trick or silver bullet that will guarantee hostesses rock their virtual parties. But the truth is, it goes back to very simple processes and techniques that we’ve used for host coaching for a long, long time. I’m going to walk you through the steps that you need to take to effectively host coach for your next Facebook party.  I’ve even got a free host coaching planner at the end, so let’s get started!

Communicate With Your Host

The first step is to communicate with your host, whether you do this via messenger, text, or phone call. Believe it or not, your hostess wants to hear from you. She wants to have a relationship with you. This isn’t like a blind date. She already booked the party, so she’s interested.

Communicating with her does not mean a one time message, email, or phone call. You must connect with her multiple times during the party planning process. Here’s an example:

  • The Day After She Books the Party – Let her know how excited you are to party with her! Encourage her to start working on a wishlist and let her know when she can expect to hear from you again.
  • 2 Weeks Before the Party – Tell her that her host packet is on the way and you’ll reach out to her again once it arrives
  • The Week Before the Party – Chat with her about all the final party details
  • The Day After the Party – Finalize the closing date and let her know what she has earned with her host rewards

How To Host Coach for Facebook PartiesSet Expectations and Give Instructions

The next thing is to set clear expectations and give specific instructions. What would you like your host to do before, during, and after the party? If your host has no idea what to do or how to do it, you’ll end up with one frustrated hostess who doesn’t want to do anything for the party.

Even if she’s hosted before, take the time to educate her on your party process, because things change and she probably forgot what she did last time anyway. Not sure what to tell her? Ask yourself the following questions –

  • What would my ideal host do before the party?
  • How many guests would your ideal host invite?
  • How would she invite them?
  • What would my ideal hostess do during the party?
  • What do my most successful hosts do to wrap up the party?

During your conversations with her, relay all of the above info in a conversational style. Don’t just hand her list of things to do. Grab our free host coaching planner at the bottom to use as a cheat sheet during your next host coaching chat!

Make It Easy To Host a Party With You

Keep your instructions, tips, and suggestions simple and clear. When at all possible, give your hostess text and graphics that she can copy and paste. She will LOVE that you took the extra time to make it easy on her.

Focus On The Relationship

Without your hosts, you would have no business. Period. Treat her like she’s important. I don’t care if she has a $200 party or a $1,500 party, treat every host the same. When you focus on loving on your hosts and making sure they feel valued, the sales and bookings will come. Thank her several times. Send her some happy mail after the party. Find fun ways to show you appreciate her. Your hosts can be your biggest cheerleaders and source of referral business when they have a great experience with you.

Hostess coaching for Facebook parties isn’t as difficult as most people make it out to be. If you focus on communicating with your hostess. building a long term relationship with her, and providing her with a fun, easy party experience the results will follow!  

Facebook Party Host Coaching Planner

My last bit of encouragement is that good host coaching is a skill that must be practiced and learned. It doesn’t happen overnight or from one party. Take your current host coaching process, if you have one, and look for ways to improve it. There’s no magic script. There’s no super secret technique that guarantees amazing results. It’s all about learning and growing as you work to improve your business.  

Grab our free Host Coaching Planner and sketch out exactly what you need to communicate to your hosts. You’ll also get access to our Direct Sellers Toolbox with lots of direct sales printables, planners, and worksheets to help you rock your business.