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Note: Hold on there, friend! This is Part 2 of our series on Rockin’ Your Black Friday Sale as a direct seller. If you already know exactly what sale options you’re going to offer, keep reading. If not, hope over to 8 Black Friday Sale Ideas for Direct Sellers and then come back over here and join us!

Where to hold a black friday sale

We covered lots of ideas on what types of sales of offer for Black Friday, but where do we hold the sale? Is it better to hold it online or in-person? What about a Facebook group vs. event? With our current social media culture, there are sooo many choices, so let’s walk through some options.

  • In-Person – This approach might be considered “old school” for some, but there’s something to be said for me quickly running into your home or a church hall, grabbing what I need to knock out a few gifts and being on my way. If you have a decent local following, this could be a fun way to get together with your customers and give them some extra customer service, like gift wrapping. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do this one as a multi-day event but more like a 3-5 hour pop in.
  • Online – If you already have a presence on social media, then you want to leverage that. You can use Facebook or Instagram to easily showcase your offers with pictures and text. My biggest caution here – stay off your personal wall. It’s okay to post teasers about where the sale is happening. (Don’t worry. We’re getting to that.) But do not spam your friends with all your discounts. They want to see cute Thanksgiving family photos and just because they are your Facebook friend, does not mean they are your customer. If you go the Facebook group, there are a few questions to consider – 
  • Existing Customer Group – If you already have an engaged customer group, then this would be an obvious first choice. These people already have a know, like, and trust factor going on and are actively engaged with you. It would be very natural to offer it to them. You can either post everything directly inside your customer group or create a separate event within the group and post there. This one is truly just a personal preference. I would suggest checking your group insights to see when your members are the most engaged to decide what times you want to post.
  • New Event or Group – If you don’t already have a customer group, it might be advantageous to create a new group or event to house your promotions. Currently, Facebook is preferring groups for this type of thing than events and you can schedule all of your posts so you don’t have to be at your computer or phone at specific times.
  • Email – If you have an email list that you own that you regularly communicate with, this could be an easy way to offer your promotions and send reminders. How many times do you get sales emails? I’m guessing it’s A LOT and I always appreciate the info when it’s something I’m looking for. So if they are subscribed to your list, go ahead and leverage that!
  • Text – If you haven’t heard, text parties are a new thing. If you regularly communicate with your customers via text with thank you’s or follow-up, then it should be a natural transition to also offer them your holiday deals via text as well. I’m going to caution you here. If you haven’t been texting people, a random message about a sale with no relationship is a really good way to get blocked.

Marketing Your Sale

Once you nail down the type of holiday promotion you’re going to offer and where you want to hold the sale, you need to think through how to market it. If you’ve ever been shopping on Black Friday, it’s an amazing marketing lesson. All of those teasers that get “leaked” weeks before the actual sale have thousands upon thousands clamoring to grab the best deal and waiting in really long lines for the privilege to do so. That is NOT an accident.  A solid marketing plan is key to a successful Black Friday sales promotion!

  1. Don’t wait! – It’s never too early to start dropping some hints. Don’t give away all the goods but some fun teasers in your email newsletter or customer group are perfect. Keep in mind, customers typically need to see things multiple times before they buy so this is the “warm-up” before the actual purchase. And this doesn’t have to be something as blatant as “HEY! I’m having a sale soon!” It could be some Black Friday memes or jokes to get people thinking about it. Ask some questions about what they’re shopping for this year and what deals they hope to snag. This will give you some clues on the best things to offer.
  2. Layered approach – Hear me out here. Every person does not see EVERY post that you make on social media. They also don’t ready EVERY email that you send. So a layered approach to your marketing is going to be the best bang for your buck. You catch people on different channels and after they’ve seen it a few times they KNOW it’s coming and are ready for it when it actually happens. In the Black Friday Sale Planner at the bottom of this post, I’ve included a calendar so you can sketch out what you’re going to do and when. One email and a few social media posts per week leading up to the sale should give enough awareness.
    • Social Media – Facebook and Instagram can be amazing marketing tools when we use them correctly. Like I mentioned above, you want to start leveraging your social media following NOW to get people interested in what you have coming later in the month. And let me repeat this one….it is NOT a “HEY! I’m having a sale so pay attention!” type post on your personal wall. It’s a post that builds desire for the product that you’re going to offer at a discount or a funny meme about Black Friday. You also want to make sure your images are consistent across all channels. Use similar colors, backgrounds, and fonts so when someone sees the image pop up in their feed, they stop their scroll because they have been conditioned by ALL of your other posts to look for it. If you need help creating graphics or just want to save a heck of a lot of time, you can grab our Black Friday themed social media graphics in the shop. All you have to do is add your products and text to the graphics and you’re good to go. Make sure you don’t forget to put your website or personal branding on there!
    • Email List – Using your email list in tandem with social media can be a powerful combination for rocking your Black Friday sales. Keep your customers warm and happy by sending out regular emails with some helpful info leading up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Then throw in some teasers about the Black Friday sale that’s coming. Encourage them to come over and join your customer group or wherever you decide to hold your sale. If you’re creating a separate group or event, one week ahead of time is plenty of time to get everyone invited. TIP – If you are planning to create a separate group or event for your sale, it’s much easier for people to click a link and join the sale. For a Facebook event, guests have to be invited first. So if you aren’t Facebook friends with them, there’s no way for them to get invited with just a shared link.

Now that you have all the ideas and tips, it’s time to sit down and make a plan. Set aside time in your schedule now to start promoting your sale. One or two random Facebook posts does not a sale make. While your brain is workin’, go ahead and grab our Black Friday Sales Planner from our Direct Seller’s Toolbox and get all your ideas on paper. Grab your business besties and start bouncing around ideas! Make this your best Black Friday ever!