3 Host Coaching Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Party

Host Coaching

If I had to choose one practice that can truly help you level up your direct sales business, what do you think it would be? If you have been hanging out with me for a minute, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say… host coaching! I love me some host coaching. I love the special relationships you build with your host, and I love having that tribe of customers who really support you, have your back, share your stuff with friends, and of course, come back and buy more stuff! When done correctly, you’ll have all that and more in your hostess relationships through host coaching. 

But just as great host coaching can help you grow your business, bad host coaching can also break it. So, I want to share the top three host coaching mistakes that could truly be killing your parties—and I don’t mean killing it in a good way. 

If you’re in business, you must nail down your host coaching. Think about this—most of the time, you’re booking new parties, your hostesses are probably brand new to your company and even hostessing in general (or they have hosted with a consultant who did not host coach). Either way, these ladies will most likely be lost throwing their first party, and it’s up to you to help them! 

I’m going to forewarn you, these may get a lil’ bit sassy. These are mistakes I see over and over and over again, and they are so easily fixed, friends! I want you to grow your business. I want you to see results! And to do that, sometimes you have to take a cold hard look at what you’re doing in your business. 

Let’s dig in!

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1st Mistake: Talking AT Your Hostess Not TO Your Hostess

When it comes to telling your kids why they need to do their chores or homework for the millionth time, it’s okay to talk at them. But when you’re trying to introduce your hostess to the world of parties and prepare her to get all the goodies, you need to talk to her. 

Talk TO your hostess, not AT her. 

What do I mean by that? 

You’re word vomiting every lil’ thing that rolls through your brain when it comes to the party, throwing words at them with no reciprocal conversation. You’re giving them so much information they end up drowning in it. 

Don’t do this, y’all, just don’t. 

You need to take a step back, give a little bit of info, ask if they have questions, and ask them questions to spark conversations. 

The direct sales world is 110% relationship-focused. If you’re not focused on building relationships or don’t like building relationships, you may be in the wrong business, friend. I’m not saying that to be mean. I am saying it to keep it real. If you want to spit out a million and one tasks and tips but not ask her how her day is going or what her kids are up to after school, you’re not building a relationship. You’re just using your hostess to make some sales, and that’s not cool, nor is it going to help you build your business.

Now, all that said, where are my introverted friends out there? 

I am an introvert through and through, so I get that lil’ voice in the back of your head telling you, well, I’m not sure if I can build relationships in my business. I’m too shy, too scared, too this, too that… 

Let’s quiet that voice. You can still be an introvert and be relationship-focused. It’s as simple as having polite conversations and building people up; I sometimes think us introverts understand that mentality best because we crave it too, yes?

So, when you’re having chats with your hostesses:

  • DO break down the info you’re giving them into bite-sized chunks.
  • DO make sure your messages aren’t the length of a New York Times bestselling novel.
  • DO ask all the questions to help you get to know them and make sure they’re comfortable with all the party talk.

At the end of the day, it’s about simplifying your message and building relationships… which leads to my next point. 

2nd Mistake: Overcomplicating the Process

I have to be honest here. We are just selling products on Facebook–it is not a complicated business model; we’re not doing brain surgery. I used to tell my team this when I was in direct sales, and some didn’t like it, but it’s a simple truth. So, let’s not overcomplicate it! I’m not undervaluing what we do; I’m just keeping it real with y’all so we can put things into perspective. 

You only need to give your hostesses the information they need. Let’s skip the word vomit we talked about earlier and just give them what they need. 

Essentially, their job as a hostess is to invite people, get people there, and talk to people. 

It’s that simple. But a lot of direct sellers are tripping themselves up now that parties have become more virtual.

When I first started in the world of Facebook parties before they were a thing, the home office for the brand I worked with reached out to me. They asked me how I was doing it, how I was so successful in virtual parties. 

I said I’m doing the same thing as I would at a live party. I’m talking to my hostesses, calling them–back then, we called people and host-coaching them just like I would an in-person party.

I wanted the same results as an in-person party for my virtual parties, so why change anything? 

In all honesty, a home party is more complicated than a virtual party! The hostess has to clean, whip up some apps, buy the wine—now they just have to text their friends to log on to Facebook, and they can all party in their PJs.  

I just did a Facebook Party with a consultant, and do you know how much time I spent doing the whole hostess thing before attending the party? About a half-hour. Thirty minutes. That’s it! Make it that simple for your hostesses. Give them what they need, but no more than that.

So, keep it simple, give them the basics they need to rock their party, and you’ll have some happy, successful hostesses with lots of free goodies who will keep coming back.

Mistake #3: Viewing Your Hostess in a Negative Light

This is a big one, y’all. And one that we don’t talk about a lot. I hear a lot of direct sellers talking badly about their hostesses. Saying things like, “oh my goodness, they just dropped off the face of the planet,” “they won’t do what I’m telling them to do,” “I don’t know what’s wrong with them.” We’re talking about our hostesses negatively rather than in a way you’d talk about a friend and a partner. 

I get having rough hostess experiences. We’ve all been there. But don’t let one bad experience have you jaded because it will immediately affect your business. You manifest what you believe, and if you go in bad-mouthing your hostess expecting a negative experience, that will likely happen. 

Instead of thinking I was going to butt heads with them, I went in thinking this would be great and trying to chat up the newbies like we were going to become besties in no time. Lead with positivity and grace, and they will follow. If you’re pushy and bossy, they’re likely not going to listen to you, and they’re going to get a lil’ bit sassy back. It’s only fair.

Your hostesses need to become your besties, so treat them that way. Don’t walk into the relationship with a sour attitude. They are partnering together with you to help your business, be appreciative and build that relationship.

Who knows, you may end up with some real-life besties afterward. I know I have!

It’s Time to Stop Killing Your Host Coaching Game, Friends. 

I promise these three simple mistakes could break your business, and we don’t want that. Work on having authentic conversations, check your verbiage and simplify it, and carry a positive attitude even when a situation is challenging. You got this! If you can turn these three little things around, I guarantee you’ll see results.

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