Direct Sales Facebook Business Pages Made Simple – Part One: Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Mar 24, 2021Selling

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The direct sales business is ever-changing! The top producers in each company embrace new trends and get creative with how they build their brand and their business. In today’s virtual age, you simply have to be online with your direct sales business, and for many, the first step to this is creating a direct sales Facebook business page! Think about it, guys… if your big, bold goals are to send your kids to college or add another family vacation to the calendar each year, you need to be making some dang sales. Expanding your network and your customer base to really reach higher levels involves getting online and ridding yourself of those physical limitations that in-person party sales might have. You have friends from high school living across the country, acquaintances from life – you want to reach those people! And let’s be honest, you want to get yourself out there to be discovered by people looking for your products online too. It happens! 

I know that trying new things can seem hard, y’all. And creating a Facebook Business Page really makes it all real. It’s no itty-bitty side hustle anymore when you’re out there promoting yourself and showing the world what you’ve got (if you know me, you know how much I can’t stand when people call their business a side hustle, but that’s a story for another day…). It’s the first step for a lot of people, a pivotal moment, where they really dig into their goals and make their business a priority for them and their families. 

If you’ve been itching to take your business to the next level but are a little bit scared by all that may entail, I want to help you start a Facebook Business Page that will make money for your family. We’re going to walk through how to create a brand everyone recognizes and loves and help you build an online customer base that can’t get enough of ya! 

In this three-part series, we’re going to cover how to set up your page, what the heck you’re going to post on it once it’s live, and how to get people to come on over and hang out with you!

Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Direct Sales Business 

Well, you may be asking, well, I know I should be online, but WHY? Let me answer that real quick before we dig into the how-to.

It’s a FREE way to exponentially grow your business, plain and simple. 

Web pages can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year in fees and design. But your Facebook Business Page is a free way to promote your business, build your brand, and create your community, which could make you a top producer in your direct sales business.

You don’t want to be spammy and be posting your spices and stamps every day on your personal page, y’all—you’ll drive people crazy and hurt your business. But with a Facebook Business Page, people are expecting that content from you; they want it, in fact! Not to mention selling on your personal page is a quick trip to Facebook Jail… and it’s not a pleasant place y’all.

As we mentioned before, it’s a super-easy way to expand the number of people you’ll be able to impact with your business tenfold (or more). You can’t reach someone in Alaska with an in-person party in Florida, but you can when you take your business online!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. But it’s enough to make you wonder why you don’t have one already, right? So, let’s dig in and set you up a page!

Step One: Make Sure You Have a Personal Profile

No, I’m not telling you to sell on your personal profile. If you want to see the sass come to life, start selling on your personal page—just don’t do it! BUT you do need a personal profile to create your business page, as every business page on Facebook needs an “admin” with a personal profile to manage the page. 

Once your personal profile is created, it’s time to create your Facebook Business Page!

Step Two: Create Your Facebook Business Page

Alright, is it feeling real yet?!

Now, I will put a little disclaimer on this one. Do your research with your company’s brand guidelines before you start your page. You want to make sure what you create is in line with what they’ll allow you to create as an independent contractor. The last thing you want to do is create a page, get a bunch of likes, and then take it down because it doesn’t comply with your direct sales company’s guidelines. Just check your contract, check with your leader, and have this all lined up before you hit the create page button!

Once you’ve checked those guidelines, head over to your personal Facebook Page, and in the top left corner, you’ll see a plus sign. Hit the plus sign and choose the option to add a page. You can also just go directly to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create

You’ll then be prompted to fill in the page information, including the Page Name, Category, and Business Description. 

For the page name, you’re going to want to have your name and direct sales business name. Feel free to get creative with it, but not too creative because you want those keywords people are searching for in your title! 

For category, the most popular is probably product/service. You can choose up to three, so you may want to also add local service, shopping & retail, heck, maybe even entrepreneur—that’s what you are right!? Or you can choose a category that fits your brand like kitchen/cooking for Pampered Chef or the like.

In your description, you want to tell people what they can expect from your page. Are you going to be offering product demos, tips and tricks, recipes, arts and crafts? Think about what you’re offering, what value you’re providing, and sprinkle all those goodies into your description.

As you start to add all these things, you’ll see them populate in the preview. Check it all out and make sure it looks like you want it to! You’ll also be prompted to add your phone number, email, webpage, all those little details, so use your business info for this and leave the phone number off if you only use your cell for business. 

Then, hit “Create Page.” You’ve got yourself a business page, friend!

Step Three: Make Your Facebook Business Page Look Professional

Like a personal page, part of every Facebook Business Page is a profile picture and a header image. You want these to be professional, not reminiscent of your personal page. People can get to know you on a fun personal level once they land in your customer group, but you want your business page to be crisp and professional! So, if you don’t have a headshot, maybe invest in one, or let your oldest child go to town with the camera to capture a new shot. Depending on the direct sales company you’re with, your company may provide pre-approved header images. If they don’t, just check the guidelines and make your own with a tool like Canva.

Step Four: Ask People to Join You!

Invite your friends to “like” your Facebook Business Page and hang out with you, supporting your business and you along the way! Head to your page, hit the “…” in the top left, and select “Invite Friends.” Then, choose who you want to invite, and the likes will start to come. You’re also going to want to start promoting at parties, but that will come later in the series with lots of fun tips!

Next Up: What Should You Post? 

Now that you have a page, you’re going to want to make the most of it, which means lots of juicy content for your followers! I know posting every day may seem daunting, but in the next part of the blog series, we’re going to break it down for you and make engaging customers on your page extra simple… don’t miss it!

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