Direct Sales Facebook Business Pages Made Simple – Part Three: 5 Ways to Promote Your Direct Sales Facebook Business Page

Mar 24, 2021Selling

You’ve made it to the final part of our “Direct Sales Facebook Business Pages Made Simple” blog series! Props to you for investing in yourself and taking the time to teach yourself something new. I know you’re going to reap the rewards in your business in no time. Now that your Facebook Business Page is set up and you know what to post, you may wonder how you grow your page to really make this investment of time worth your while in terms of generating sales. 

Well, friends, this blog is going to let ya in on those tips and secrets! We’re going to run through our top tips for promoting your Facebook Business Page and snagging more likes and engagement than you ever thought possible. 

Without further ado…

Tip #1: Print Business Cards with the Link

A lot of us still rely on in-person parties to generate business, right? Well, how do you tie together that in-person and virtual world? It’s simple, really! Design business cards on Vistaprint or create a design in Canva and just get them printed locally. This business card should have your Facebook Business Page link, your name, your other social accounts – essentially all the places they can find you!  

Then you can scatter them around your parties, add them to happy mail follow-ups with new customers, add them to holiday bundles people are buying as gifts—leverage these puppies wherever you can, and you’ll see those likes flow in!

Tip #2: Add it to Your Email Signature & Follow-Ups

Playing off of the happy mail above, you want to make sure the link is in all of your follow-ups, whether it’s a personal invite to join the page or passively in your email signature. For example, every customer who attends a party with you, whether in-person or a Facebook party or other virtual party type, should get a follow-up. You can ask about whether they’ve received the product or what their thoughts are on the new line they just purchased-you get the gist. Then, mention how you’re going to go on Facebook Live on your business page later that week for tips and tricks relating to the products they’ve purchased and invite them to hit “like” so they’ll get notified.

Tip #3: Share it on Your Personal Page

Our friends and family are our biggest cheerleaders, right? Well, make sure they know what’s going on in your life by sharing your business page on Facebook when you make it, and as we mentioned in the first post, invite them to join you! If you don’t invite people, they may never know it was there or know what they’re missing out on. 

For those of them you’re close with, maybe even ask them to share it on their pages too to support you!

Tip #4: Offer Value & Spice Up Promotions

What’s the number one reason you follow people on social media? Usually, it’s to see all the cool stuff they’re sharing, right? You want to make sure you’re providing value on your Facebook Business Page. One way to do this is to spice things up a lil’ bit and offer various promotions or contests. For example, if you are launching a new product, tell people if they share your page with their friends on Facebook, you’ll enter them in a raffle to win that new product just launched for free! If you’re just starting, you may not have a product around to do that, and that’s okay, but there are other options like a $10 gift card or less expensive ways of promotion.

You can also leverage tips and tricks videos, guys! Don’t give away your juiciest tips, save those for your private customer group, but create something that screams, “This must be shared. It’s life-changing!”. Then, you’ll have everyone sharing tips, which will lead newbies to your page.

Tip #5: Be Friendly with Other Business Pages

If you know of other local businesses that can somehow tie into your product leverage that and get some shares to a new audience! For example, if you’re a Pampered Chef consultant, make a dish with meat from the local meat market, olive oil from a local gourmet foods store, and veggies from the local farm stand—all using your Pampered Chef products. Or if you’re a part of Stampin’ Up! tag the local stationery and art supply shop where you bought the materials for your crafting tutorial. Tag them, and hopefully, they’ll share with their audiences, thus reaching more people instantly! 

It’s a great way to not only support other local small businesses but get your name out there, too!

It’s Time to Make Your Facebook Business Page Work for You

You’ve now got everything you need to make the most of your Facebook Business Page for your direct sales business—if you missed it, here’s part one and part two of this series! And if you’re in search of seasonal tips and tricks and a community that will keep you motivated with inspiration, join our Premium Group Coaching Membership group. We’re pretty fun to hang out with if I do say so myself, and we chat all things Facebook Business Pages and more every month. Find your business besties and get ready to level up, y’all! 

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