Direct Sales Facebook Business Pages Made Simple – Part Two: How to Make Your Direct Sales Facebook Business Page Posts Work

Mar 24, 2021Selling

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Alright, y’all. Now that you’ve created your very own Facebook Business Page to see your business boom, you’re probably wondering what the heck to say and how often to show up. Well, the answer is you gotta show up every single day. Posting consistently and keeping that connection going with your people is the only way your page will see success and keep people engaged enough that they’re checking in for those juicy little tidbits you drop each week to make their life better. 

If you currently only log in to your Facebook once a week or can’t remember the last time you posted because you just love scrolling through what everyone else is posting, I get it. A Facebook Business Page might push you way outta your comfort zone, but remember, that’s where the good stuff happens. 

So, don’t let posting be so daunting that you just don’t do it. Progress, not perfection, friends! Here are my tips for making sure your Facebook Page content works for your business…

Create a Content Calendar Every Month

You don’t want to wake up from a deep sleep frazzled as all get out because you realized you don’t know what you’re going to post tomorrow. Believe me, I’ve been there. 

The best way to combat spur-of-the-moment, knee-jerk posting that isn’t going to help your business is to create a content calendar each and every month with what you want to post. You want to make sure posts are not only consistent but cohesive and purposeful. You don’t want to just post willy nilly and hope that things are going to happen. Come up with theme weeks, dedicate a day each week to a specific topic, set it up so your customers know what to expect from your page and when… that’s where you’ll see success!

In fact, we make it easier for you each month by offering a super simple monthly content calendar template, so check it out if you haven’t yet. We give you a tip for what to post every day of every month… no joke! It literally couldn’t be easier, so this is the perfect place to start if the thought of posting every day is overwhelming you. And we also go a little further and offer packs of graphics that are themed for each season and month, so you have a little bit of help on the content calendar front. Check out the shop

What to Post for Ultimate Engagement

When you post on your Facebook Business Page, you want to get people engaged. What does engaged mean in the Facebook world? It means they’re liking, they’re commenting, they’re sharing, they’re inviting friends—this is gold for your direct sales business. To gain engagement, you’re going to need to post stuff that’s fun and exciting! I have four favorite post categories that really get people chatting, they include: 

  • Videos: Y’all, everyone loves a good video. Just think about how many hours you or your child has spent on TikTok in the past month. Videos are engaging by nature, and they stop the scroll and have people watching every time. Maybe even do a lil’ Facebook Live action to get people involved!
  • Funny or Inspirational Stuff: How many inspirational accounts do you follow on Instagram for a little Monday morning motivation? If you’re like me, it’s a whole bunch of ‘em. Everyone could use a little lighthearted fun to brighten their day, so be that page for them! This will keep them coming back for more, and they’ll likely stumble on a few things they need to buy.
  • Shared Content: You don’t have to generate all the content yourself, friend—that can get exhausting real quick! Find articles or blog posts, other people’s videos even, that you can share on your page. I’m sure your company even has some videos you can share in your company portal.
  • Big News: No, I’m not talking politics or science or anything too heavy for your page. Remember, direct sales is about FUN! Think about events you’ll be selling at or if your company or products made headlines.

Schedule Your Posts & Check-In

Just because you have to post every day doesn’t mean you have to physically log on and post every day. Schedule out your posts for the month on your content calendar and then batch schedule them on your Facebook Business Page, so it’s not a daily activity. You can use a tool like Hootsuite or directly schedule them on your business page to post later! 

This way, all you have to do is log on for a sec when the baby is napping, or you’re stirring your sauce for dinner and send out a few responses to comments, and that engagement will soar without the stress! 

Analyze the Data & Pivot 

One of the cool things about having a Facebook Business Page for your business is getting analytics from Facebook. Analytics are the data from your posts: how many people saw it when you shared, how many people shared it so other people saw it, what was your most liked post all month, which post got the most comments. After a month or two of posting, you can look at the analytics to see what your customers are loving and change your content calendar accordingly. Watch those numbers soar, both dollar signs and likes!

Next Up: Let’s Get You Some More Likes!

Okay, now that you have a page and know what to post let’s make sure people see those posts you worked so hard to create! In the last part of our “Direct Sales Facebook Business Pages Made Simple” series, we’re talking promotion. This is one you’re going to want to dig into!

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