How to Sell Without Being Salesy

Mar 24, 2021Selling

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Oh, the age-old question all direct sellers ask themselves… 

“How the heck do I sell without feeling like a used car salesman!?” 

When starting out as a direct seller, it can be easy to feel like every single little word that comes out of your mouth is a hard sell. When they taught sales back in the old days, it was all about making numbers, not relationships. And y’all the times have changed, and thus the way we sell. A direct sales business is 110% based on relationship building. Yes, you also have to be passionate about your product and believe it can make lives better, absolutely. But, if you don’t have any relationships or friendships that will allow you to spread the word about your new passions and business, you won’t be able to build very quickly. 

So, all that said, selling without being salesy is just relationship building. Once you embrace that mindset shift, think about how you’re communicating and only share value with your people that will spark connections. You’ll start feeling like your selling is more authentic in no time! That may seem like a big ask, but it’s simple. Here are three ways to start selling without being salesy to grow your direct sales business…

Offer Value

As with any business, you are selling to busy, busy people. To stop their scroll and gain their interest in your product, you need to be posting content that provides value. Make every single thing you post on Instagram, Facebook, or wherever, about how your products can make their lives better—and show them how to make that happen. It shouldn’t be just buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff. Share tips, tricks, hacks, heck, even a little humor can go a long way when you’re trying to build relationships with new customers!

You want your content to be majorly educational. You want people to say, “WOAH, I have to follow her and hang out for more tricks,” or “OH, I have to share this.” We want to make sure that those who are in our audience are truly learning how our products can be transformational for them to a point where they are inspired! Whether that inspiration is just to keep following, to reach out and buy a product, to host a party to get free goodies, maybe even join your team! Offer value, and they will come, I promise!

One example I love is I had one Dog Gone Virtual friend share that she posted a super complicated bundle that offered all the things to use to make a Valentine’s Day meal in your kitchen. Rather than just leaving it there with a big discount sticker slapped on it, she went live and walked through each piece step-by-step, teaching them how to use it to make their Valentine’s Day dinner unforgettable. I bet ya she made some sales off that, friends! You’re showing off the product, talking about how it COULD work for them, then letting them come to you if they see it’s something they want. Make it about them, and they will come! This leads us to our next point, too…

Be Solution-Focused

The next way to sell without being salesy is to be solutions-focused. Be so intent on solving people’s problems that you’re doing them a favor by sharing your product with them! Here are a few great examples. 

Problem: A busy Mama struggling to get dinner on the table five nights a week.

Solution: Your Epicure 30-minute recipes or steamer bag meals will have her serving up healthy, tasty food for her family, stress-free. 

Problem: A friend is complaining about her acne and winter dry skin.

Solution: Your BeautyCounter or Arbonne skincare line will clear up her skin and provide moisture during dry seasons.

Problem: A holiday is coming up, and we know men are last-minute shoppers and never know what to get for their ladies.

Solution: Your new Silpada jewelry line pairs well with any outfit, so they can’t go wrong, and ladies love it!

Problem: There is no time to come up with ideas to decorate for the upcoming holiday!

Solution: Signature Homestyles has home décor for every season, so you can whip it out of the box and voila.

When you’re providing someone with a solution for a problem that’s driving them crazy, it doesn’t feel like selling—to them or you! When a customer comes to you and says, “OMG, I did this with your product, and it changed my life, THANK YOU,” … how good will that feel?

Come from a place of service, and you’ll win. 

Tell Your Story

Remember why you got into this business. For many women, their direct sales business was born from a passion for the service or product you’re selling and seeing the value and solutions it can provide for others! What do you love about your products, and how have they changed your life? We all want to hear personal experiences, and as a direct sales consultant, it’s your job to gather those experiences with your product and share the heck out of ‘em. 

More and more, I see virtual consultants not using their products. But if you don’t invest and learn all you can about how to use them, how they can help, what their best benefits are—how are you going to sell them naturally? You’re going to be picking stats and product descriptions out of the catalog, and that is probably the least authentic way you can sell a product. That’s going to feel salesy from the get-go. 

So, gather and share personal product stories, friends! Honestly, this is half the fun of the job, and it’ll make you and your product so much more relatable for your customers. Sales shouldn’t feel icky. It should be fun. 

Be Authentic & Sales Will Follow

Think about it this way, if you were sitting across the table from someone, how would you be talking about your product? When you come across a really great restaurant, what do you say about it? Use those same practices and mindsets to share your experiences with your product! If you’re coming from a place of service and being your most authentic self, it’ll all start to feel natural in no time! If you still feel like you need a little push in the right direction to tweak and perfect your sales strategy, let’s do a virtual coaching session to get you on the right track!

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