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Ladies, when you set out to make a purchase, anything at all, why do you buy it? Usually, because you need to solve a problem you have, right? Not because you saw an infomercial and the salesperson told you all the right things about the colors and fabrics a product comes in, right? As a direct seller, it is our job to make sales. There is no question about that. But when selling, we don’t have to share our product benefits in a salesy, spammy way. That’s not an effective practice, and if you think about it, it isn’t the way you would want to be sold to either. We need to share the product benefits, how we use them, and how they have changed OUR lives. 

Want to know the best way to share product benefits to make sales? Storytelling. 

You’re not just telling them the dimensions and what it’s made of. You want to tell them how your product can help them. Your stories should change with the season, with the product, maybe even with the group of ladies you’re hanging out with. 

If people want to learn more about exact product specifications, they can look at the website or the catalog you share with them during the party. You want to share how it will save them time, money or add value to their lives. Make sense? 

Over the years as a direct seller, I was able to perfect the art of storytelling with my team. Here are the top three ways you can tell stories to share your product benefits! This will be a game-changer in your direct sales business if you adopt these methods and make them your own. 

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Part of what direct sales hostesses are buying is you, right? That relationship, your personality, your caring way of leading her through a party. That being said, she and her guests will want to hear from you about why you love your products. You’re the expert, after all! 

As I’ve attended more and more virtual parties, one big thing I’ve noticed is the lack of products. Y’all, I led a team that hosted parties primarily virtually even before 2020 happened. Where did we see success? Sharing the dang products! 

What you want to do is share your personal stories through video or photos that will allow them to understand the use and see it being used firsthand. You don’t have to have a ton of products to introduce this, only a couple. Don’t buy all the products. Work towards those free or discounted products as your sales grow to expand your portfolio! There is no shame in starting slow. 

On the other hand, it’s ok to share a shot out of the catalog or a link to the website – but you need more than that. Share some stories your team has shared about using the products! It’s ok to trade stories and will give you a better library to work with.

One example of how I used personal stories in my business was the all-purpose spreader. I like to give my kiddos a little bit of freedom in the kitchen to learn. But one day, I sat next to my six-year-old as he tore apart his bread while making a PB&J sandwich; more peanut butter landed on the counter than the bread.

So I asked him, “Buddy, want to try the Pampered Chef spreader?”. He got all excited and jumped at the opportunity to use Mom’s fun new kitchen things. You know what, y’all, it worked! My little guy looked up at me, smiling real big as he smoothly spread his own peanut butter on a whole piece of bread and said, “Mama, Pampered Chef saved my life!”.

I cracked up for a while and always used this story moving forward. It’s the little things, y’all. Those little things create connections, and do you know how many all-purpose spreaders I sold after that? 

If you’re selling nutrition products, share how you were able to eat your lunch with a baby strapped to your chest so you can take care of everyone all at once. Maybe you sell beauty products, share how you’re able to give yourself a five-minute facial at the end of the day or when you need a little mommy break. 

Cater the stories to your audience and be authentic about the use and purpose of the product. Your sales will soar!


The next storytelling option is creating a scenario. You may not have stories about all the things, and that is totally ok. What you can do, though, is make the use case for a product into a scenario that will resonate with your audience. 

For example, Pampered Chef had one product that was really good at cooking things quickly in the microwave. I hadn’t used it yet but had a party full of busy Mamas, so I created a scene they could relate to. Use a “picture this” lead-in:

Picture this, you’re running home from work, and you know the kids are going to be hangry little devils by the time you get home, but there is literally nothing for dinner in the fridge. You stop at the store and grab a chicken. When you get home, you quickly season it, throw it in the dish, and microwave it for 30-minutes. Voila! Homemade chicken dinner in less than an hour, with very minimal mess. 

That is a story people can relate to! 

Suppose you’re selling at-home nail care products. We’re living in a crazy time. When was the last time any of us could get a mani-pedi for a bit of self-love? Tell your guests how your kiddos have been getting a little stir crazy, which makes you a little crazy, and you needed a half-hour to yourself. Your husband entertained the kids with a project while you gave yourself an entire pedicure right in your home. Who doesn’t want to relax and look their best? This is something that people can relate to. 

You’re most likely your ideal client. You can relate to who you are talking to. Think about that in terms of your products. How and why would you use them? Make that a story!


Next up is customer testimonials. Are you sharing testimonials from your customers? If not, you need to, because sometimes your customers can be your biggest sales advocates! 

If you don’t have testimonials, that’s ok too! They’re simple to get. Head to your VIP customer group and just pose a few questions about a product. Post an image and ask how they would use it, and start a conversation. It can even just be a comment on another post. You just want to get people sharing and commenting so you can gather all the juicy goodness for future parties.

Then, you want to take those tips and at your next party, just say that one of your customers recently shared a super cool way to use this product that you would never have thought of and share! It will show your knowledge, and that other ladies are using the products and loving them too. 

It’s also easy to start a chain of conversation on that post within the party, with even more ladies sharing their experiences! When new guests look, they’ll fully understand how this product will enhance their lives while looking through the comments. 

Hearing tips from others is just so powerful. Harness that power, ladies!


We’re all storytellers, whether we realize it or not. How many times do you tell your girlfriends about something that happened in your week over a glass of wine? That’s storytelling. It’s just sharing what happens in your life, and you can easily apply this to your products to make sales! 

Think about your top-selling product. Why does it sell so much? How have you used it? Use that to start formulating those stories that will help you level up your business… you got this, girl!

If you are struggling a bit with your storytelling, we offer one-on-one coaching with yours truly, where we can work through all the things that will help with this practice. Check it out if you think it may be helpful for you and your business!

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