Top 5 Tips for Crushing It with Facebook Parties!

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Top 5 Tips for Crushing It with Facebook Parties!

If you guys have been hanging around Dog Gone Virtual for a hot minute, you already know how obsessed I am with Facebook parties for growing your direct sales business. I owe a lot to these parties. Facebook parties are how I built my business and exploded my team. It’s how I was able to grow my business like crazy from the comfort of my home, from a trailer on vacation out West with my family, in between homeschooling my kiddos. We all, or at least most of us, got into this business for the flexibility and freedom, right? Well, done right, that is EXACTLY what Facebook parties are going to give you guys. Don’t waste that opportunity.

I spent years figuring out Facebook parties for direct sales before they were even a thing, and they’re always evolving but there are some things that will always remain consistent. If you embrace these tips, you’ll see success – I promise! So, let’s take a look at my tried and true top tips for making the most of this valuable tool to grow your business.

Host Coaching

Now, y’all, I know I may sound like a broken record bringing up host coaching again. But… I don’t care, because I know that this is the secret sauce to literally everything and anything you want to make happen in your party planning business.

Guys, if your hostess is doing her job, you’re going to reap the benefits.

You never want to come across like a Mom being demanding, you want to treat your hostesses with respect, and give ‘em a little lovin’ but you do want to tell them what they need to do to make their party successful and be direct about that.

My number one tip for host coaching for Facebook parties is make sure your hostess knows she needs to personally invite every single person on that party list. Do not let her just invite 275 of her “closest” Facebook friends willy nilly, that isn’t effective.

You see, Facebook is based upon engagement and community building. Your pages aren’t going to be effective if out of those 275 friends, 150 joined the party, but only 20 are actually interacting with your posts because the other 130 people just accepted the invite because they felt bad declining but don’t actually want to be there.

Mass adding does not work, it’s not going to make you money, and it’s going to come across as spammy.

What you need to do is create smaller targeted groups that each receive a personalized invite from your hostess. Here’s a sample message you can provide them as a template, in brackets is where they can fill in the blanks with their info – it doesn’t need to be over the top guys!

Hey [Debbie]! I’m super excited about my [XYZ theme] party next week, my consultant [Sally] is super awesome and she’s going to come and give some fun tips and tricks about [Pampered Chef products]. We’re also going to play some games and give away some really great prizes – do you want an invite? I’d love it if you came and checked it out! Talk soon, [Mary]

We’ve done the numbers with my one-on-one coaching clients, when you implement these personal invites, you will see greater responses and higher sales in your Facebook parties. Numbers talk, y’all!

Personally, I know I will attend almost every single party that I get a personal invite to, but without that I do not attend. Do you do the same?

Make Sure Your Content is On Point

You want to have content in your parties, which in the case of Facebook parties is the posts in the group. I know it’s super tempting to show off 101 products that you are obsessed with, but really, you’re just going to overwhelm your party guests that way.

For example, I took my 10-year-old into the store last week to get a treat. The amount of options was too much for him and we spent literally 10 minutes in the candy aisle because he couldn’t decide what he wanted. Too many options lead to analysis paralysis, y’all. Whether someone is 10 or 100, too many options are always a bad thing.

So, think about themes and select products that will fit into that theme specifically.

For example, if you’re hosting a Quick & Easy Meals themed Facebook party, you can bring those tools someone would need to make the quick and easy meals you’re demoing or sharing in the party.

Doing this just makes it easier for people to choose and it’ll also leave a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for them to see at the next party!

Focus on Edutainment

Betcha didn’t know that edutainment was a word, huh? Educational entertainment, friends. It’s an amazing tool to create engagement in your parties. At the end of the day, your parties need to be centered around edutainment – teaching people about your products but making sure they’re having fun too.

Think about offering tips and tricks related to your party theme, but not necessarily focused on the product, but fun takeaways.

For example, if you’re talking Mexican dinners, you’re going to want fajitas and margs – but you need a lil’ guac in there. Do an Avocado 101 post with tips on how to know if an avocado is ripe, how you peel it, how you keep it fresh – people love those juicy, useful tips they can take with them.

Do not just sit in the party and post buy my stuff, join my team, host a party. You need to provide value!

With that, keep your content light… it’s a Facebook party, not rocket science, we’re not curing cancer. In your posts talk to your group like you’re sitting across the table from them!

Play some games, do some goofy stuff, use GIFs and stickers, boomerangs – don’t be so professional you’re boring and stiff. Be excited to be there. Be personable. This is where your content will be engaging and generate results.

Features Tell, Benefits Sell

Many people don’t know the difference between a feature and a benefit, and they usually don’t share both. One of my favorite sayings in direct sales is “features tell, benefits sell”. So let’s break that down.

Features – the literal design elements of a product. Think size, color, or material it’s made of.

Benefit – how the product saves the customer time and money.

You need to use both, friends! Think about it in terms of sharing how xyz product of xyz size will help a family of six make dinner or organize. Sell on why it’s important and why they need this, how it’s going to change their life – that’s the benefit.

I’m loving Tula Xii coasters these days. When someone tries to talk to me about these, what do you think they should say, why do people need coasters?

Yeah, they’re super cute but that’s a feature. The benefit is that I love iced coffee and the coasters are going to keep the water and coffee off my desk.

For Pampered Chef knives, the features are that they’re made of steel and full tang. The benefit of those steel, full tang knives is that I’m never going to be searching my kitchen to find a sharp knife, I’ll be more efficient whipping dinner up, and I’ll save money in the long run because I will pretty much have these knives until I die… make sense?

In order to effectively use both features and benefits, you need to use your products. Those personal stories and tips and tricks are all going to develop as you use your products.

Build Relationships

I’m a huge advocate for using fun tools like Post My Party or Cinchshare for scheduling posts. It makes life less stressful, it helps you prepare, and allows you to think through your content fully. That being said, it can be very, very tempting when you’re a virtual consultant in Facebook parties to not really show up for the party, especially if you’re using these tools.

Don’t do it. Show up!

It’s so important to be a presence in that virtual party. Go ahead and schedule the posts but make sure you’re logging on daily to respond to each and every comment, to engage in conversation, and to ultimately create relationships and grow your business.

When you see a comment that your bestie invited a woman named Becky because their kids go to school together and she thought she’d like your products, you want to meet Becky! Introduce yourself, ask how old her kids are, ask if they play sports – just have a conversation.

That’s how you’re going to build this and in turn build your business.

In addition to figuratively showing your face, you also need to show it literally too! Live is a great tool, but not everyone is comfortable with it. If you’re not totally into Facebook lives yet, think about recording a welcome video you can post in the party, film a top 10 products run down to get people started and excited.

When people hear your voice and see your face it makes them feel like they know you even if you’ve never met them.

If you’ve done a half decent job at making relationships a priority in your Facebook parties, when you go in with the booking ask with your new friend Becky, it doesn’t come across as spammy or pushy because you cared enough to have a conversation with her in the party – you’re Facebook besties now!

Go Rock That Facebook Party, Friend!

Alright, I think you’re ready for it! I am fully confident that you will now have everything you need to rock your next Facebook party to grow your business and your sales. If you want a little bit more help, head to the Direct Sellers Toolbox to grab all our FREE resources on Facebook parties, themes, and so much more juicy goodness that will help you rock your direct sales business.

If you loved these tips, make sure you check out our digital guide for mastering the 4 key areas of your direct sales business. Learn proven methods to book more parties, host coach like a champ, sell more products, and build a bigger team. 

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